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About Us

Mill Ministries

St John's Mill is a registered Manx Charity that, inspired by the servant hood of Christ, seeks to serve the local community in all aspects of secular and spiritual life and specifically to be a catalyst that helps to bring to birth plans and ideas that have the potential to make a difference and be transformational in our community.
  • Christian Listeners

    Christian Listeners

    The Mill, in partnership with the Acorn Christian Healing Foundation and the Agape Trust, is developing a local network of Christian Listeners on the Island. The Acorn Christian Healing Foundation has at its heart the belief that good, structured listening is a powerful resource for healing and reconciliation in our fragmented and damaged world. The Agape Trust is continuing to fund and support a programme of Christian Listening training, beginning with introductory days leading to one and five day advanced courses. A variety of ministries are being developed by those already trained.

    Further courses are planned to develop skills and train new listeners this year. For more details or to discuss making an appointment, please contact: St John's Mill on 802900 or contact David Roberts on 629683 for information about courses and the Healing ministry.

  • Prayer at the Mill

    Prayer at the Mill

    Morning prayers at the Mill are held in the Quiet Room between 9.30 and 10.00am and we offer a warm welcome to all who would like to join us.

    This enables us to pray daily for all groups and visitors to the Mill as well as the Church on the Island, various Christian initiatives, our Partner Oganisations, Mill Ministries and a wide variety of topics or personal concerns brought to for prayer.
    We are always happy to respond to prayer requests (anonymous or otherwise).

  • Healing Services

    Healing Services

    The Mill holds regular Healing services. These are non-denominational, open and informal meetings led by various Church leaders and speakers. All are welcome. These services provide an opportunity both for those with no specific Church affiliation to seek God and also for those Churches seeking to develop this ministry to learn and experience different approaches.

    Contact St John's Mill on 802900 for details.