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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions for the use of the building, equipment and facilities.

Once you have completed and returned your booking form (by post or on-line), you are confirming that you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions stated here.

  1. In order to book Mill facilities it is necessary to complete a Booking Form and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  2. All activities taking place should be in accordance with and respect the stated aims and objectives of St. John's Mill Charity. If in doubt please seek guidance from the Management team.
  3. Each booking should have a nominated organiser(s) for each event and they must attend the event, unless The Mill is advised of an alternative representative.
  4. Applications using the Booking Form should be submitted as soon as possible, but normally not later than 7 days before an event and within 14 days of a provisional enquiry. This can be extended by agreement but if confirmation is not received within that time St. John's Mill reserve the right to allocate the space to another customer. Late applications will be considered at the discretion of the Management team. However should circumstances require you to make a late booking please contact us on 802900 and the Duty Manager will advise if we are able to assist.
  5. Rooms can be reserved more than 3 months in advance of the date of event. However if we then receive another enquiry for the same space we will seek confirmation of the first reservation within 24 hours. If confirmation is not received the room will be booked to the next client. If confirmation is received we will consider it a firm booking and cancellations at any point will be charged in full for room hire, plus 50% of expected catering income for that event.
  6. Rooms are only to be used for the activity outlined on the Booking Form
  7. No booking can be sub-let or transferred to another organisation or individual.
  8. The Mill is a no-smoking area.
  9. If you wish to serve alcohol please contact us to discuss arrangements.
  10. Access to the room(s) and building will be available for facilitators 30 minutes before and after your confirmed booking time. If the booking is outside of normal hours an additional charge will apply.
  11. Room service is available upon request and will be charged at our discretion, at a reasonable rate, dependent upon number of delegates and other operational demands on the day.
  12. An early opening charge of £35 applies for clients booked in for breakfast, or for a start before 8.30 am. Where the 9 am - 1 pm block is booked and it overruns more than the 30 minutes clear-down period, the charge will be for a Full Day. Where the 1pm - 5pm block is booked and it overruns more than the 30 minutes clear-down period, but is vacated before the evening slot of 7pm - 10pm the extra charge is £50. If it overruns into the evening slot of 7pm –10pm the extra charge will be the full evening slot.
  13. The building should be vacated within 10 minutes of the conclusion of your booking and not later than 10pm unless otherwise agreed.
  14. All cars can be parked on the St. John's Mill Private Car Park, situated off the Poortown Road. No responsibility will be taken for vehicles or their contents. There are 2 disabled spaces (which may be reserved) available at The Mill and also a drop off point. These are accessible via the road past Tynwald Mills shops.
  15. All equipment and furnishings should be inspected on arrival and the Duty Manager for St. John's Mill advised immediately of any damage or defect. You are responsible for leaving The Mill in good condition and to advise if any equipment has become defective or has been damaged prior to your departure. At our sole discretion we may request you to pay for any damage caused.
  16. The organiser is responsible for arranging for any Licences or permissions necessary for their event or activity.
  17. In no circumstances should the number of people exceed the maximum declared in the booking form which will comply with the requirements of the Fire officer and Health and Safety. The organiser should be aware of the arrangements to follow in the event of a fire and advise those attending at the start of the session.
  18. The minimum number for a booking should not be less than 2 Adults (over 18).
  19. FIRE PROCEDURES: It is the responsibility of the Group Leader(s) to familiarise themselves with the emergency exits, etc, within the building and to ensure that all members of their group are aware of the procedures to follow if the building needs to be evacuated. In the event of a Fire: ACTIVATE ALARMS, ENSURE THE GROUP IS EVACUATED, ADVISE THE DUTY MANAGER. The Manager on duty will CALL EMERGENCY SERVICES, REASSEMBLE THE GROUP IN THE MILL GARDEN AND TAKE A ROLL CALL. No re-entry into The Mill until instructed by the Management.
  20. All materials and equipment must be removed from the premises at the conclusion of the event. St. John's Mill will not accept any responsibility for items left on the premises and reserves the right to dispose of them.
  21. First-aid materials are available on all floors. In the event of an accident contact the Duty Manager immediately for assistance. You will be required to record the details of any incident in the St. John's Mill accident book.
  22. Charges: will be in accordance with our standard price list.
  23. Due to Health and Safety concerns, it is our policy that perishable foods are not permitted to be brought in to the building for consumption. We can supply fruit platters, cakes, also birthday cakes, etc, which must be booked in advance.

Terms of use for IT systems

By using any computer on this site you agree to the terms of use listed below:

  1. Your details will be kept on the computer system and your use of the system will be logged for security purposes.
  2. Users must only log in to the system using The Mill Visitor username and password.
  3. Internet access to sites with pornographic or "hate" content is not permitted. User Internet access is not filtered for content, however it is constantly monitored.
  4. Bulk e-mailing and any other antisocial or illegal Internet activity is prohibited. These regulations have been drafted to safeguard this community facility from abuse and ensure that it is maintained in a safe state for use by future clients.

St. John's Mill Cancellation Policy

Payment policy

St. John's Mill may require a deposit to be made on any event booking it feels necessary. This deposit would be returned in the event of a cancellation, if time limits comply with the information as per the section "Cancellations".

Unless prior arrangements have been made and agreed by both parties, final numbers must be given 48 hours prior to the event start date and the final invoice will be on these numbers.


If an event is postponed and rebooked for a later date it is up to the discretion of the Bookings Manager to decide whether the cancellation fee will be charged.

In the event of cancellation the following charges are applicable:

4 months to 1 year As per point 5 above
2 months to 3 months 10% of expected revenue (unless point 5 applies)
31 days/ 2 months

25% of expected revenue (unless point 5 applies)

8 days to 31 days

50% of expected revenue (unless point 5 applies)

7 days or less 100 % of expected revenue (unless point 5 applies)

By completing the booking form you agree to the conditions above.

Notes to Facilitators

Please spend a few minutes reading the guidance notes in order to help us make your event a successful one.

  1. Please ensure all delegates attending your meeting sign in on the register provided when they arrive. This record will be used as a fire register in the event of an emergency.
  2. You are responsible for evacuating your group should the fire alarm sound. Familiarise yourself with the fire exits and prior to any meeting notify delegates of the fire procedure. In the event of fire you will need to exit the building in a calm and safe manner and meet in The Mill Wildflower Garden. The Manager on duty will call the Fire Brigade.
  3. St. John's Mill is a strictly no-smoking building.
  4. Please remind delegates that cars should be parked on the St. John's Mill Private Car Park, off the Poortown Road.
  5. Please feel free to ventilate the rooms by opening windows, but remember to close them at the end of your session.
  6. If children are attending please ensure they are with a responsible adult.
  7. Should you need to move any items of furniture we would be obliged if you could advise us in advance or seek assistance from the duty manager.
  8. Please report any hazards or potential hazards whilst using The Mill to the Manager and please report any accidents or injuries.
  9. Toilets are located on both the first and ground floors. The toilet facility for those with a disability is on the ground floor.
  10. There are two car parking spaces at the front of The Mill which are for disabled parking only. There is also a bay for deliveries and loading.
  11. Personal property is the responsibility of attendees; however, should some be found please hand it to the Manager on duty.
  12. Access to the ground and first floor have a lift and facilities for those with a disability. Please be aware that the Top Floor Suite does not have this facility.

We hope you have an enjoyable meeting at St. John's Mill. We are here to help you.

Thank you.