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St Johns Mill signs a new partnership with Salford University Professional Development (SPD).

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Salford Professional Development (SPD) are one of the UK’s leading providers of executive training and have provided service to many of the Islands leading businesses and public sector for many years through their courses at St John’s Mill.

SPD is rated as one of the top Business schools in the UK with decades of experience training thousands with highly qualified lecturers with years of business experience.

The Mill is delighted to announce that to maintain continuity of service to the Island SPD have now appointed St John’s Mill to be their local partner and will make their courses available online with the intention that their tutors will be able to resume a full range of training both online and at the Mill in 2022.

The online program will commence from September 2021 with the following 3 courses:

·       Digital marketing skills: week commencing 27th – 30th September 2021 (3 days)   

·       Mini MBA in Business Leadership: week commencing 11th – 15th October 2021 (5 days)         

·       ILM Level 5 Leadership and Management: week commencing 22nd -24th November 2021 (3 days) 

Digital Marketing - Digital Marketing Skills Course | SPD (salford.ac.uk)

Mini MBA - Mini MBA in Business Leadership | SPD (salford.ac.uk)

ILM Level 5 Leadership - ILM level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management | SPD (salford.ac.uk)

For further details and arrangements for booking please contact dutymanager@stjohnsmill.com